When you make a purchase on, the website connects to PayPal to process the payment ( PayPal provides a 100% safe payment gateway which allows payments to be made by users with active PayPal accounts or via credit or debit card, if the purchaser does not have a PayPal account or simply prefers to make the payment by card.

How does payment through Paypal work?
PayPal essentially acts as an intermediary for your online payments. It simultaneously hides the bank or debit/credit card information of both parties involved to ensure complete protection of your data, which Rocobricks will never be informed of or store.

Is it safe to make purchases by card online?
PayPal complies with international security protocols that ensure it is completely safe to purchase items online via the platform, either through your PayPal user account or by entering your credit card details.

If I choose to pay by card, will my credit card details be in good hands?
Your card details are directly managed by PayPal, which guarantees that your data will be kept confidential.
Under no circumstances will Rocobricks be informed of or store your credit card or payment details.
PayPal is therefore a safe, reliable and efficient method of payment.